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February 23, 2017

Dr. Seuss Wisdom


This is the back of my first FIMRC shirt I got while at the Dominican Republic site 3 years ago – and I LOVE this quote. Dr. Seuss is absolutely right, the only way for things to change is for people who care a lot about others to take action.  Clearly, the people at FIMRC in Clemson and throughout the country care enough that we are seeing change. Because of this, I wanted to use this post to highlight some of the awesome things that FIMRC has been doing.  Be inspired, and keep taking part in making things change :)

1. Our Projects this Academic Year

This academic year, we have raised money for four projects in the DR, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua (You can see the projects listed under the Our Projects Tab).  Through simple fundraising efforts such as profit shares or doing sales downtown, we have been able to sponsor these projects to hopefully make small changes primarily in education and nutrition initiatives.

2. SO MANY Volunteers

In 2016, FIMRC HQ cited that there were about 955 volunteers at all of the international sites. That’s crazy! While many people (like myself) leave their volunteer experiences feeling that they got more than they gave, having so many people visit the sites is indicative of how much our chapters care.  People at our locations value this! Also, after going to the sites, FIMRC members can recognize where the needs are, and encourage their chapters to fundraise for those needs.

Clemson FIMRC will be sending out another group of volunteers over spring break – and I cannot wait to hear about their experience!

3. Impressive Donations

Chapters around the US continue contributing donations to FIMRC sites. In the 2016 highlights posted by FIMRC HQ, they said that $3,515 was raised for the Costa Rica location. These funds are for improving medical equipment and providing toys for patients to help with therapy and wait times.

4. Expansion

In 2016, FIMRC has expanded immensely! The year started with the Uganda site moving locations from being a small clinic on the campus of the Arlington Academy of Hope, to being a much larger one in the center of the Bududa district. I was able to visit the site this summer, and it was incredible. The clinic has a huge capacity to serve people in the area, and they were even in the process of opening a maternity ward!! On the other side of the globe, FIMRC opened up a new site in Ecuador where they conducted their first census – there are huge plans for this site this year :)

5. Local Involvement

On the home-front, Jillian has done an incredible job helping our chapter serve the upstate. We’ve been getting involved at Helping Hands, Mauldin Miracle league, helping out at Shriner’s, and making gift boxes for kids for Christmas.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to get involved  in local projects, be on the look-out for upcoming dates – or contact Jillian to learn more.Thank you to all our members who have already been taking part in these projects!

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