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November 14, 2014

Fundraising and Getting Involved

Hey FIMRC Fam!

Wow! The semester is already almost over. What have we done so far?

Our Director of Fundraising has gotten us started with a restaurant night, concessions at Tigerama, the men’s exhibition basketball game, and the upcoming men’s basketball games. Our Director of Local Projects has also been working to get everyone that wants to go to Helping Hands and other local projects to those destinations. We have a lot more happening before the end of the semester! Want to get involved? The best way to do that, and meet some pretty cool people, would be to show up to fundraising events and local project opportunities.

Restaurant nights are awesome ways to get together and raise money for our Adopt-a-Projects, while enjoying some yummy food! How cool is that? When we have some more planned, those details will be made known to you guys. Come support FIMRC, bring your friends, and chow down! Concessions are another great opportunity to raise money for our projects and to meet new people. Chat with some FIMRC peeps, get some volunteering hours in, and give back to Clemson University and Clemson FIMRC. It’s tons of fun, and you get free food if you stay until the end! Need I say more? Speaking from experience, we need all the help we can get at each event we have. Please pay attention to your emails, because that’s where we’ll be trying to reach you to sign up for the events. One particular concessions event that will need some help will be the one on Friday, November 14th. Look out for that email and please consider volunteering!

We also have had a few Helping Hands events that I know have made hearts smile. It’s always an awesome opportunity to give back to the community we’re a part of, and hang out with kids and each other. I know the more people that show up to these events will make those we are working with happy, and we’ll all have a great time doing it. Please be on the lookout for those emails as well, and go if you can!

I know it’s been a busy semester, but don’t forget about FIMRC! You’ve signed up to be a part of something great, and we can only make that happen if you guys help us make it great. We care about all of you, and hope to get to see you at all of the events. As said by so many people in our wonderful organization, “Ain’t no fam like a FIMRC fam!”

I hope to see you guys at the next events and the next meeting, which is 8pm on November 19th at Hendrix!

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