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August 30, 2014

Summer Break and Interest Meetings

It’s that time again! As summer comes to a close the Clemson Chapter of FIMRC is gearing up for more events. While we prepare for new members, fall fundraisers, retreats and volunteer opportunities let’s reflect on what all happened during the summer.

Jimmy Todd, our Director of Local Projects, stayed in Clemson and worked on finding new places to volunteer at while bringing some small groups to Helping Hands. For new members or people that have never been, Helping Hands is a halfway home that we regularly volunteer at, about ten minutes away from us! The home had about 30 kids this summer, but can hold up to about 50 or 60. The amount of time each child stays varies. The home has a classroom where we can help with homework, cafeteria, and awesome playground when it’s play time. Jimmy went with a few members that were in Clemson four or five times to hang out and play with the kids. A game that Jimmy and other members seemed to play a lot and enjoy was “Superheroes.” Colleen Cooper, our Director of Fundraising, was even lucky enough to get a nickname from the kids! “Princess Lulu Frilly Pants” always had a blast when she visited and played with the children at Helping Hands.

Interested in volunteering at awesome places like Helping Hands, or getting plugged in to the Clemson Chapter of FIMRC? Come by our interest meetings! There will be one next week on Wednesday, September 3rd at 8pm and one on Thursday, September 4th at 8pm. Both of these meetings will be held in the McKissick Theater inside the Hendrix Student Center. At the meetings we’ll tell you what we’re all about and how you can get involved. All of you that signed up for info at Tiger Prowl don’t want to miss these meetings!

Our first official general body meeting will be on September 17th at 8pm in the David Peebles Room in Hendrix. You don’t want to miss FIMRC 2014-2015, trust me!  Hope to see you there!

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