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February 18, 2014

Jessica’s Travel Log

Now for the post that we’ve all been waiting for: a little taste
 of Peru, from the one and only Ms. Feltracco! Many thanks to Jessica for sharing her story about her adventure abroad (alongside a few incredible snaps from her photo album). Enjoy!
“First off, I would just like to tell everyone that you need to put Peru on your bucket list. Right now. Do it. We first arrived in Lima late at night. After some much needed sleep, we woke up and went to a cliffside mall overlooki
ng the ocean for breakfast.  Not a bad start. We headed to the FIMRC site of Huancayo that afternoon on a snazzy charter bus.
Driving through the Andes mountains was absolutely beautiful and slightly terrifying. But hey, nothing like a few free adrenaline rushes.
In Huancayo, we stayed with a host family. I loved the host family situation because you got to experience more of the typical food as well as dust off our Spanish.While the spanish lessons were much needed, the food was definitely a highlight.  Another major difference was that unlike the other FIMRC sites, there was no centralized site for us to work at.
Therefore, we were mainly in hospitals and a local school. I would definitely recommend this site for the more pre-med/pre-professional health crowd as there were a lot more shadowing opportunities over public health projects.Local medical students would take us on rounds around Hospital D.A. Carrion.unnamed-1
It was really interesting to see the differences in both how hospitals are run and the certain medical treatments that are relied on between the US and Peru. We were also able to spend a day watching various surgeries at the same hospital.
Another hospital we visited was a Hospital El Carmen, which focused on maternal and child health. At Carmen, most of us were able to see c-sections and live births as well as visit the neonatal intensive care unit.
Outside of the hospitals, we were ableto conduct a fluoride campaign in a small community outside of Huancayo to local schoolchildren.unnamed-2
We also did a hand-washing lecture at a local school and were able to come back a
couple days later to hand out Christmas presents to the children. On the last day, our host family took us on a trip to visit some Aztec ruins.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to go to Machu Picchu, but this was definitely a great consolation prize.
We ended our trip back in Lima where we were able to watch the sunset over the ocean while stuffing our faces. Such a perfect moment!”

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