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January 13, 2014

Sunset in Lima and Sunny in Philadelphia: Upcoming Fundraisers, Volunteer Testimonials, and More!

Welcome back! During winter break, so many exciting events took place that have been itching to be written down…but first order of business, the new semester has gotten underway, summer will be here before we know it—and there is so much happening between now and the end of the semester! Get excited! Many of us will be traveling to the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua in mid-March, and I’ve been told that some (looking at you, Dana!) have gone so far as to literally count down the days until the plane hits the runway. The excitment is infectious, if anything.

Often times these trips enable us to personally deliver supplies to the program sites that we “adopt.” This couldn’t be done without the help of fundraisers, which is the reason why we stress the importance of attending them. Our adopted communities are waiting anxiously for their supplies—help us fulfill our pledge we made by coming out at the next opportunity! We are holding a restaurant fundraiser tonight, so have fun while eating, and new meet friends!

Below are events for the month of January; a BGR restaurant night is scheduled for sometime later in the month. Keep your calendars marked (and open)! Contact Megan Schmalz (cufimrcfundraising@gmail.com) or Nicole Cooper (clemsonfimrc@gmail.com) for details.

  • January 13th (tonight!) - Restaurant day/night @ Todaro’s Pizza, where FIMRC will receive 20% of every dollar of sales over $500. Invite your friends or eat alone to your heart’s content. 
  • January 18th - Basketball concessions @ Littlejohn Coliseum (Clemson vs. Wake Forest). The game starts at 4:00 PM, but exact times TBA. After that great win against Duke, we know you want to come see our team snag some more wins!

Now for some exciting news: after a semester-long internship at FIMRC’s project site in the Dominican Republic, Clemson alumni and former chapter President, Maghan Knight, has landed herself a job as Global Health Volunteer Program Manager at FIMRC HQ in Philadelphia. We’re all so proud for everything she did and everything she continues to do. Congratulations are in order!

As a final sneak peak, while most of us were spending our first post-final days sleeping in, three of Clemson’s FIMRC members, Jessica Feltracco, Olivia Keane, and Emily Turner jumped on a south-bound plane for Lima, Peru. The ladies were willing to share about their experiences, so keep your eyes open for their testimonials that will be up in a few days’ time!

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