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May 8, 2013

Fall 2013 Sneak Peek

578426_547061612000698_2159104_nFor spring break, our chapter sent out a total of 23 members to the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Both groups took multiple boxes filled with essential medical supplies, purchased with funds raised by members throughout the year. When the items were finally delivered to their respective destinations, it was truly rewarding to see the supplies immediately put to use; all the late-night fundraisers and concession-stand duty became well worth the effort. Throughout the year, our chapter was able to become involved, both locally and internationally. In addition to spending after-school hours with Helping Hands, a children’s shelter in Clemson, our fundraisers were able to provide a constant supply of necessities to help stock their shelves. International support was spearheaded by two “Adopt-A-Project” programs, with target locations in El Salvador and Nicaragua. Donations were given to purchase essentials such mosquito nets, water filters, and various medications.

April 11th marked the final general meeting of the semester, and our chapter was proud to host representatives from FIMRC Headquarters. Attendees had the privilege of tuning in on a presentation by Taylor Brown (FIMRC Operations Specialist), that addressed an important aspect of FIMRC’s global mission, which looks to provide support and guidance for fundraising and volunteer opportunities as well as increase involvement in chapters. An ever relevant topic of interest, and a huge thank you to HQ for taking the time to visit Tigertown!

The meeting also held officer elections for the upcoming year, and while we’re delighted to seat returning veterans, we’re excited to see some new faces on the board as well. All good things must come to an end, and our chapter had a bittersweet send-off for two of our seniors, Charles Powell, Director of Public Relations, and Maghan Knight, chapter President. It’s not exactly adios, as Charles promises to drop in from time to time, and Maghan leaves her post in exchange for a semester-long run as a FIMRC intern in the Dominican Republic. It can be said in full confidence (and a tinge of envy) that Maghan’s diligence and hard work shown throughout her tenure as President make her a perfect fit for the job. We’re all very proud of Maghan for landing such a competitive and coveted position and wish her the best of luck. And though it’s ultimately up to her, we hope to treat you with periodic updates from Maghan’s time in the Dominican…so heads up!

Long anticipated summer holidays are finally here—and although we’re all excited to sleep-in until noon, eat Mom’s home-cooking, and serially watch TV shows abstained from during the semester—that doesn’t mean FIMRC at CU is taking the summer off. With all we were able to accomplish this year, we believe that there is always more that can be done, so there’s no time to be resting on our laurels. While classes wrapped up and finals kicked in, the executive board met up to plan for the upcoming semester.

One overarching goal for the fall is to boost member participation, geared especially for those who stay behind during our international trips. Next semester, we hope to install committee groups that will work in tandem with an executive officer. Duties will range from local projects, target fundraising, to designing FIMRC apparel—so there’s a perfect niche in store for whatever caters to your strengths. Members also briefed on working to increase fundraising opportunities (one fleet-footed member mentioned creating a FIMRC-sponsored 5K in the future). Creative input can only aid in working towards our goals, so come at us with any original ideas! Nicole Cooper, chapter President, and Daniel Grant, returning Vice-President, have promised to make FIMRC better than it ever has in 2013-2014…and do we believe them? It’s simply an understood; a thousand times yes, no questions asked.

If you’re a prospective member, start off the fall semester right by scouting us out at Tiger Prowl (August 20th) or by emailing Nicole with any questions. And if you’re a returning member, we’ll see you back in the meeting room! Enjoy your summer; have fun, stay safe. GO TIGERS.


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